by J.D. Greear

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The Disappointed (4 of 7)
Series: Can't Believe: Gospel of John
JD Greear
John 11:1-48

We're in week 4 of a series called Can't Believe in which we're looking through the Gospel of John at 7 kinds of people who could not bring themselves to believe, and how Jesus dealt with each of them. (8 students at CH)

This week we are looking at "the disappointed"-those who can't believe because they think God didn't show up when he should have-some miracle he didn't do; some question he didn't answer; something he shouldn't have done but didn't.

• I recently read an article about Ted Turner, the creator of CNN and TBS, media mogul and multi-­-billionaire. He became a very outspoken atheist in his 20's (although he's backed off of it now), screams filled the house. Ted regularly came home and held her hand, trying to comfort her. He prayed for her recovery; she prayed to die. After years of misery and struggling, she died.
• Ted's dad, Ed Turner, said, "If that's the type of God He is, I want nothing to do with Him." That had a powerful effect on Ted, and Ted lost his faith. 'I was taught that God was love and God was powerful,' he said in an interview later, 'and I couldn't understand how someone so innocent should be made or allowed to suffer so.'
• On March 5, 1963, Ted's dad had breakfast with his wife, went upstairs, put a .38 inside his mouth and pulled the trigger." That sealed the deal for Ted. "If that's the type of God He is, I want nothing to do with Him."1

Bart Ehrman, our famous friendly neighborhood skeptic here at Chapel Hill, says this is the reason he lost his faith. He says, "I think that if, in fact, God Almighty appeared to me and gave me an explanation that could make sense even of the torture, dismemberment, and slaughter of innocent children, and the explanation was so overpowering that I actually could understand, then I'd be the first to fall on my knees in humble submission and admiration. On the other hand, I don't think that's going ...

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