by J.D. Greear

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The Skeptic (6 of 7)
Series: Can't Believe: Gospel of John
JD Greear
John 20:24-28

- Welcome back, everybody.
- Special shout out: Chapel Hill campus.
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- Pray

If you made a resolution to start going to church more over the New Year, welcome. If you are new to church, and not a Christian, I don't think you could have picked a more perfect week to come... The subject we're looking at this weekend is doubts.

My guess is that whether you are a Christian or not you've dealt with doubt.
- Some of you who aren't Christians have these thoughts about God and the world and you say, ''Well, I don't know why this question doesn't bother everyone else-I guess I'm just not cut out for belief.''

But almost every conscientious Christian I've ever known has had doubts. We may believe differently, but we have a lot of the same questions.
- Maybe it's questions about the Bible itself: You ever hear a story from the Bible and you're like, ''A worldwide flood, really?'' God put one family on a boat and in came the animals two by two... and that's how God preserved life on earth while he destroyed the rest? The Red Sea actually parted and a nation of people walked over on dry ground?
- Or what about parts of the Bible that seem like they contradict other parts?
- Of what about difficult doctrines like hell? Or questions of why, if there is a loving God, there is such pain in the world.

You watch the news and you say, ''I don't see how there could be a loving God in charge and things be like they are.''
- Or questions about whether scientific discoveries have invalidated biblical claims
o Dinosaurs
o Cain get his wife?
- Or maybe you have feelings that some of the Bible's teachings
about morality are outdated or just plain wrong. Why are Christians so hung up on sex?
- Or do you ever sometimes just hear the Christian message and think, ''Really?'' (I think sometimes in church we get used to it and forget about how stra ...

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