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The Failure (7 of 7)
Series: Can't Believe: Gospel of John
JD Greear
John 21:1-25

Video of Jason: Preacher in him.
• We baptized 138 last week which brings out total to 320 baptisms within a 1-­-week time period. Most we've ever had.
• One final week... for those of you have held on! For two weeks you have made a resolution.
• Just as Christ was dead in the grave for 2 days but on the 3rd day he was raised, so you have been unbaptized and disobedient for 2 weeks and on this 3rd week you will rise up to be baptized...

Our last message in this Can't Believe series is on Peter. His story is a little different than some of the other stories that we have looked at, in that Peter is not an unbeliever whom Jesus convinces to believe, he's a believer that has quit believing (at least in some ways), and you are going to see how Jesus brings him back to belief.

(So open your Bible to John 21...
• Now, as you are turning there you might notice that I am skipping the story of Thomas, and many of you say, "Wait... Doubting Thomas: he's like the one guy I would have thought would make a perfect 'can't believe' story. You know, "Mr. 'Unless I see the nail-­-prints in his hands and scars in his side I won't believe'-Thomas."
• You are right. I was supposed to do Thomas' story last week but felt, midstream, like David Nasser was supposed to be here. So, I skipped Thomas, and I need to end this series this week because of some really exciting things we need to get to next week.
• So, I'm going to come back and pick up the Thomas story later when I have a free week, because it really kills me to
not do his story-his story sort of sums up this whole series.
• It will be like Can't Believe: The Lost Files or bonus tracks or something like that.)

John 21

[21:1] After this Jesus revealed himself again...
• Now, after what? The resurrection.
• When you're reading the Gospel of John for the first time, when you get to the end of chapter 20 you'd assume the book ...

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