by Fred Lowery

Witnessing - Sermon In Shoes
Dr. Fred Lowery
Mark 8:38; Matthew 28:19-20; 2 Corinthians 4:13; Ephesians 3:20

A young man from South America was running in a race. He had come to Christian college in America and he was all excited but he was a frail young man, but he was the best runner they had and they made it to the championship. And so he's running for the championship but as he's running you can tell he's -- he looks a little frail and soon he starts trailing the others until finally everybody passes him and his team-- fans thought it was over for him and then all of a sudden he took off like a rocket and he passed every person and won the race -- won the championship. And so everybody was gathered around him wanting to know what in the world happened because I mean, this guy is just behind everybody, way behind and then takes off like a rocket and so they--they ask him what happened? I mean when we passed you your tongue was hanging out, I mean, you got way behind us. What in the world happened to you? He said I prayed to God and they said that ain't no big deal. We prayed. And the guy who came in second said I wanna know what you prayed. He said I prayed, "Lord, you pick 'em up and I'll put 'em down. Sermons in shoes -- that's what all of us are to be; that's what the Bible tells us -- that we're to be sermons in shoes and He will pick 'em up if we'll put 'em down.

This has been a very hard week --for us as a church, for families in our church; for us personally.

Jim Smith, we had his funeral yesterday and Jim's been a friend for a long time-- a deacon; a wonderful man; wonderful family. It was also my mom's birthday yesterday which didn't help a lot with that but they gave me Jim's Bible and for the first time ever at a funeral I -- I used Jim's Bible to do his funeral message and -- and it was just a blessing to have his Bible in my hands -- the cover was just about to come completely off of it and it was not in good shape but let me say a word ...

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