by Jeff Schreve

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Real Christianity (5 of 7)
Series: Do You Want to be Free?, Vol. 2
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Galatians 6:1-5

All of us have probably been to a church at some time where you think, Is God in this place? You know, I remember my mother-in-law told me (my father-in-law was a pastor and they served at a church) she said, "Boy, that church was just like ice." She said, "You could just skate down the aisles. It was just so cold and so dead." My father-in-law didn't stay there very long because he said, "I just can't work in this environment where it's just stiff and ornate and austere and there's no life."

Now there are lots of churches that claim to be Christian, but they don't preach Christianity and they're nothing about Christianity, yet they go under the banner and the guise of Christian. And people go to those churches and they get, "Well, is this Christian? And we can get really confused and it can get really blurry. I love the illustration that I heard John MacArthur share one time about a church in England. And they had over the archway going into the church, "We preach Christ crucified." And that was the motto of their church, outside, they had ivy growing up the wall. And then, as the years went by and the ivy grew, and things changed in the church, the ivy covered up "crucified." And then it's just "We preach Christ." And he quit preaching the crucifixion, and then they just started preaching the life and the example of Jesus. And as the years went by, and the church moved more and more to the left and more and more liberal, then the ivy grew up and it just said, "We preach." And it wasn't about Jesus anymore. It was just about loving your neighbor and being a good person. And then, as the years went by, the ivy grew and it just became, "We." And they met, and it was just all about us. It's all about we. It's all about me. That can easily happen.

Now the devil is smart. And if you read in the book of Acts, how did the devil attack the church initially? H ...

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