by Jeff Schreve

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Dueling Gospels? (1 of 9)
Series: Do You Want to be Free?, Vol. 1
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Galatians 1:1-10

I've got to ask you a question. I want everybody to be honest. How many people in here did some things in high school that you're pretty ashamed of - anybody? I think high school's one of those things that you go through as just a phase of being an idiot. I didn't become a Christian till my senior year in high school, so I had just three and a half years to be an idiot. And I still remember very vividly something that I did in tenth grade with some buddies. We decided that we'd get together for breakfast before going to school. So we met at like 6:30 or 6:15, which was huge, you know to meet at that time when you're in high school. It means you have to get up like at 5:30, which you didn't even know there was a 5:30. And so we go and we eat breakfast. And somebody has the idea of hey, let's skip school today. And I was like, "Yeah, let's do that." You know there's about five or six of us. Let's do that! And then we were deciding what we would do in the morning. And somebody said, "Well, let's go buy some eggs and we'll egg Klein High School." (We went to Cypress Creek High School.) When they're going from their cars to their classroom we'll throw eggs at them." That sounded like a pretty good plan. And so I said, "Yeah, let's do that." And so we did that. And it was kind of fun. But then somebody said, "Well, let's go to the other high school that we didn't like, Cy-Fair High School." And one of the guys that I was with, he went to the simulator. Remember when they used to have the Driver's Ed simulators? They don't have those anymore. And I don't know why we got rid of those. That was a good thing to have as much driver training as you could possibly have. But they had one and it sat outside, you know. It was a trailer. And my friend, Scott, while they were having class, opened the door and threw an egg inside their classroom, and then we drove off. And we ...

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