by Jeff Schreve

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At War with Satan's Gospel (4 of 9)
Series: Do You Want to be Free?, Vol. 1
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Galatians 2:14-21

If you have your Bible, turn to Galatians chapter 2. I want to speak to you tonight on this subject: "At War with Satan's Gospel."

I heard about a guy from Oklahoma. He wasn't the brightest candle on the cake. This guy just wasn't very smart. And he was fighting in World War II. He was overseas fighting the Japanese. His platoon was going up against the Japanese platoon and they were shooting at one another. And, finally, everybody died off on his platoon except for him. And everybody died off on the Japanese platoon except for this one Japanese guy. And they're behind a tree. He's behind a tree, and the other guy's behind a tree, and they're shooting at each other. And, finally, the American says to him, he says, "Hey," he says, "What do you say we take a break and eat our sea rations?" And the guy says, "Okay." So they take a break. And they're sitting on a log. And the American says to him, he goes, "So where are you from anyway?" He says, "Yokohama." He said, "Well, what are we fighting for? I'm from Tulsa!" He wanted to stop the fight. He thought they were on the same team.

You know, when it comes to the gospel, there is God's gospel and there's the devil's gospel. There is the true gospel and the false gospel. There is the gospel that takes you to heaven and a gospel that leads you to hell, and those aren't the same thing. We are at war. Every true believer is at war with the devil and his gospel. Now you say, "Well, I've never heard of the devil's gospel." Well, we're going to talk about that tonight. You know, one of the things I've shared with you in here on Wednesday nights, especially as we talk about Galatians, is that the Bible tells us in Acts chapter 13 that the devil is always working to make crooked the straight paths of the Lord. When the Lord gives the straight truth, this is the way to heaven, this is the gospel, this is ...

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