by Robert Walker

The Home
Robert Walker
Psalm 101:2

Verse 2 says, "I will be careful to lead a blameless life."If the emphasis on this sentence is "blameless," or "perfection," the job will seem too difficult.

Failure will greet you almost immediately, for no home is a perfect place. But if the emphasis of your intentions is on the first part of this sentence, you might just make it.

Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home and she's right. There's no place like home when it is happy and healthy.

A happy and healthy home is a little of heaven on earth therefore it is one of the best places on earth, Sadly but true there are those that know an unhappy and unhealthy home is one of the most miserable places.

The man who wrote the words said, "I need help at home." He was military hero. The way that he fought battle is still studied at military schools.

He was a very descriptive writer of the Pslams and his books and writings are still world wide best sellers.

He was unquestably the most popular King to ever sit on the throne of Israel. They loved him. And the story reads that he was a success in his career.

And he was a terrible failer as far as his home life was concerned. And when David says I need help at home it is coming from his heart because he needs the help that only God can give.


Henry Ford one day he and his wife were driving in the country and they came across a man whose Model T had broken down.

He was under the hood trying to figure out what was wrong, when Mr. Ford asked if he could take a look. And in just a few mintues, Mr. Ford had the Model T running.

The owner was amazed and said, "I'm impressed with your knowledge of Model T's, and I'm amazed that you fixed it so easily."

Mr. Ford replied, "I ought to be able to fix it because I'm the one who DESIGNED it." And dear people, that's how it is with God and the family. God says, "I can fix it because I designed it!."

I want to share some lesson ...

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