by Jeff Schreve

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Rich Man, Poor Man (1 of 8)
Series: It's a Wonderful Life
Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 1:1-3

Well, several years ago at the University of Cambridge in the chaplain's house, there was an old rug and it was a very big rug. And it had been there so long. C. S. Lewis stayed in that chaplain house when he was at Cambridge and the rug had been there way before he got there. And several years ago the people said, ''Hey, we want to get rid of this rug. It is old, it is gross, it is out of date, and we want to just scrap it.'' And they were getting ready to do that until they did some research on the rug. And they found out that the rug was an Old Persian rug. It was a very rare rug. It was worth $4,000 a square meter. They had a rug that was worth $250,000 dollars, a great treasure, something so very valuable, but they didn't know what they had. And because they didn't know what they had, they misused it, and they abused it, and they took it for granted. They wiped their feet on it. They spilled food on it. They didn't realize that they had such a treasure in that Persian rug.

You know, when it comes to the Christian life, we're a lot like that so much of the time. We fail to realize what we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. We fail to realize what the Christian life really is and how rich we are in Jesus.

I'm starting a new series today on the Book of Ephesians, and I've entitled it, ''It's a Wonderful Life.'' And, see, the Christian life is such a wonderful, wonderful life. It's not a life without problems, but it's a life filled with joy and peace and purpose and power and the very presence of God. That's the real Christian life. And God has given to His children so many wonderful things. See, a Christian is so rich, so very, very rich, but often that same Christian, who is so rich, doesn't realize how rich he is. He doesn't realize what he's been given, and he lives like he is so poor, like she is so poor. How sad! I've entitled this message today, ''Rich Man, Poo ...

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