by Jeff Schreve

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The Cure for Insecurity (2 of 8)
Series: It's a Wonderful Life
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 1:3-6

Well, I want to talk to you today about a serious malady in our world today. It's not the sickness that so much of us worry about. It's not high blood pressure. It's not cancer. It's not Alzheimer's. It's the serious illness and problem and malady known as insecurity, insecurity affects more people. See, insecurity is that unstable, that shaky, uncertain feeling, that gnawing fear that you just don't measure up, that you just can't cut it buddy, that you are just not accepted, not acceptable; you don't fit in. And there are a lot of insecure people in our world. There are a lot of insecure people in this room. See, everybody struggles with insecurity from one degree or another. And, I think, for a lot of people, their core fear is that I'm not going to be accepted. I'm going to be rejected. I'm going to be shunned. I'm going to be exposed as someone who can't cut it. Insecurity - a terrible, terrible problem.

Now it's interesting, when you look at the word secure. I mean, the opposite of secure is insecure. The word secure comes from the Latin which literally means "without care." If you're secure, you are without care. A person who is insecure has lots of cares and worries and fears. And listen. God doesn't want any of us to live like that, all burdened down with cares and worries and fears, with our guts being gnawed with this insecurity. He doesn't want that. The Lord says that we„re to cast our cares upon Him because He cares for us. So God wants to do a work today in your insecurity, whatever it might be. We are in a series in the Book of Ephesians called, "It's a Wonderful Life." And today, we want to look at "The Cure for Insecurity." So, if you have your Bible, turn to Ephesians chapter 1 and we'll begin reading in verse 3. The Scripture says this: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessin ...

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