by Jeff Schreve

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Spread the Word (7 of 9)
Series: Living Ready, Vol. 2
Pastor Jeff Schreve
2nd Thessalonians 3:1-2

Well, if you have your Bible, please turn to 2nd Thessalonians chapter 3. We are in a study of the Book of 1st Thessalonians and 2nd Thessalonians. We're getting toward the, the end. And we talked about the man of sin that 2nd Thessalonians talks about and the difficulties that the people in Thessalonica were experiencing. And they thought they must have missed the rapture and they were in the tribulation period because life was so hard for them. And so Paul encouraged them toward the end of chapter 2, and he continues with his encouragement and exhortation in chapter 3. And in chapter 3, one of the things he encourages them to do is the thing that we're supposed to do and never lose sight of, and that's to be a witness for Jesus Christ.

I've told you before about a friend of mine named Aaron. He was a friend of mine in college. He and I used to work out together. And he was a Jewish guy. And I shared Christ with him one day, and he was very genuine and very sincere, and he asked this sincere question. He asked me about heaven, and he said, "Well, if heaven is such a great place, then why doesn't God take you there right now?" And I said, "Because God has left me here to talk to you."

Why are you still here on this earth? It's because God is not finished with you yet. And as long as you're on this earth, as long as I'm on this earth, it's to be a witness for Jesus Christ, to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, to let other people see by your life and by your lips that Jesus Christ is Lord. And when God is finished with your witness, then He calls you home. And that's our life as a Christian. What is the reason God leaves us on the earth? To spread the good news of Jesus! Second Thessalonians chapter 3, I'll begin reading in verse 1. Paul says this: "Finally, brethren..." Now any time Paul says "Finally, brethren," he doesn't really mean it. He's got more ...

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