by Robert Walker

Can The American Home Survive?
Robert Walker
II Kings 4:26

And the Statistics I have been read and the stories I have been hearing and the people I have been talking too.

The Psychologists, the Psychiarts and people who write columns in the newspapers tell us that the American home is in trouble.

The problems in the home are domestic problems. Problems in the home and that is my subject tonight.


I heard about one fellow he was getting married and he didn't have any money and he went to the preacher and said would you marry us and he said yes if you have got your bride and if you have got your license.

He said I have them both and the bride came in and she had on a heavy veil. But the minister got a couple of people from the neighbor they came into his home to be witness.

And he married them. And the young man said how much do I owe you? And he said well you just pay me whatever you think the bride is worth.

So the young man reached into his pocket and get a quarter and handed it to the preacher. And the preacher reach over and lifted the veil of the bride and took a look.

He reached in his pocket and got fifteen cents change and gave it the young man.

There are many stories about homes that you can tell. There are all kinds of mother in law jokes.

This fellow had a mule and the mule kick his mother in law to death. And his neighbor came over to attend the funeral. And he said Jim I didn't think you thought that much of my mother in law to come over and attend the funeral. I am very honored.

Oh he said I didn't come to attend the funeral. He said I came to buy the mule.

Turn with me to II Kings 4:26

These are the words of Elisha the Prophet. This is the story of Elisha and a Shunanite woman. Every day he and Gehazi his servant would pass by and one day the father and mother in this home.

Decided they would build a guest cottage. An annex next to their home. They put a lamp in it, they put a stand ...

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