by Jeff Schreve

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The Measure of a Minister (3 of 12)
Series: Living Ready, Vol. 1
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1st Thessalonians 2:1-12

If you have your Bible, turn to 1st Thessalonians chapter 2. We're studying the book of 1st Thessalonians in a message series called "Living Ready." First Thessalonians and 2nd Thessalonians talk a lot about the Second Coming of Christ, a great church that Paul had founded and, shared the gospel, and the people responded, and that church just did great. And Paul had such a love for them.

Now, in chapter 2, Paul shares his work among the Thessalonians. He kind of shares the job description of a pastor, of a minister. Now job descriptions are very, very important. Anybody in business, anybody in any kind of hiring, you know, if you're going to hire somebody, you need to have a job description so you know what you want this person to do, and they know what they're being asked to do. If you have a job without a job description, it's going to be really loose and fuzzy as to whether this person is the right person for this, or if they even know what they're supposed to do.

The first ministry job I had, I'd come from the sales world and came into ministry, and the job description was a little fuzzy. And so I remember talking to the pastor one day after I'd been there about a month. It was like, "Am I doing what you want me to be doing, because I'm not really sure?" I've got the preaching part, I've got that down as that's a big part of my job. But the other things, I didn't really know what he wanted me to do. And so we had to go over the job description. Job descriptions are important. Sometimes people write their own job descriptions. Different from the flowery, oh this sounds so great; they just tell you exactly what this job is. I love this job description written by a student. He said, "My job, this is it. Read things that don't matter, then write papers saying they do matter, for points that don't matter, in order to get a job doing something tot ...

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