DO'S AND DON'TS (11 OF 12)

by Jeff Schreve

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Do's and Don'ts (11 of 12)
Series: Living Ready, Vol. 1
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1 Thessalonians 5:16-22

If you have your Bible, please turn to 1st Thessalonians chapter 5. We have been in a series on 1st Thessalonians. And today, we want to talk about a message I've entitled, "Do's and Don'ts."

How many people in here have played golf, may I see your hand? You've played golf. You know what? I think you'll agree with me. Well, how many people in here have seen golf on television? You've seen golf played. Okay. Golf is a game, it looks easy. If you've watched on television, you know that golf looks very easy. I mean, look at golf compared to football or basketball. Are guys ever sweating at golf? No not very often unless it's just really, really hot, they're not chasing the ball at golf. It's just sitting there, right? And they take their time. I mean, it's not like bowling. I mean, you're out of shape. They have ash trays there at the table when you bowl. It's like people smoke and bowl at the same time (laughter). It's like this is really not a sport, right? Jim Gaffigan says they have this little hand thing to dry your hand. He said, "If you're sweating when you're bowling, you're really out of shape because there's not a lot of activity there. But golf is one of those things - looks easy because the ball doesn't move. It is so hard. And you know the other thing about golf? When you go play, there are rules that are written and then there are unspoken rules that you're just supposed to know, like how you're supposed to dress, and how you're supposed to act, and how you're supposed to be quiet, and how you're supposed to do this, and how you're supposed to do that. And you can really make a fool out of yourself on the golf course if you don't know the do's and the don'ts. Hey, when it comes to the Christian life, there are do's and there are don'ts; do's and don'ts in being a Christian that can allow you to really experience the Lord. Now Paul loved the church ...

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