by Jeff Schreve

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Storage Wars (8 of 11)
Series: Footsteps
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 6:19-24

In 2010, there was a new reality show that hit the airwaves on A and E. It was called "Storage Wars." How many of you have ever seen the television show, "Storage Wars," can I see your hands? Oh, lots of you have seen it. I hadn't seen it. I had to do some research. I'd heard about it, but I hadn't really watched it. It's very, very popular. For those of you that don't know, "Storage Wars" is about storage lockers, public storage facilities. People rent those because they don't have room for all their stuff and so they need to have another place to horde their stuff. Then they put their stuff in this place, and they have to pay so much money. If you have a public storage facility, you have to pay so much for it. And so they missed payments. If you miss three month's worth of payments, they can foreclose on your locker there. And then the auctioneer comes and he auctions off whatever is in there. And so in "Storage Wars" they open up the storage facility. They open up the locker. And the people, they can't go in and look. They just can look from the outside in and then they kind of ball park what they think is in there. Now you're always looking for a gold mine. Maybe there's something stuck in there, some treasure in there. You know, that's the idea. There's something worth a lot of money in here, which is kind of crazy, because some guy would have to be pretty stupid to store something in a storage facility that's costing him $150.00 a month that's worth like $10,000 and he can't come up with a few hundred bucks to pay the bill. It seems like you take whatever's in there out and do it that way. But anyway, they auction this stuff off to the highest bidder. And it's called "Storage Wars" because they're bidding against each other to, hopefully, get a gold mine. But sometimes it's kind of like "Let's Make a Deal." You can get a lemon. You can get a goose egg. And so that's the whole c ...

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