by Jeff Schreve

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When the Doubts Come (9 of 11)
Series: Footsteps
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 11:1-6

A defense attorney was defending a client on the charge of murder. He knew he didn't have a good case. He knew his client may very well end up convicted because the evidence was overwhelming. The one thing that was strong in his favor was the fact that they didn't have a body. And so he was getting ready for his closing arguments, and because his case wasn't very strong, he resorted to some trickery. And he told the jury, he said, "In this case, you've heard lots of facts." He said, "But one thing the prosecution hasn't been able to produce is a body." And he said, "I contend that the reason why they can't produce a body is be because the victim is not really dead. And in sixty seconds the so-call victim is going to walk through the courtroom doors." Well, everyone in the jury, eyes got big. They looked to the courtroom doors. Sixty seconds came and sixty seconds went. Nobody came through the courtroom doors. And the attorney said, "Well, I was just kind of pulling a trick on you guys, but it was for this point: To show you that because you looked, it reveals that you have reasonable doubt that the person is dead, reasonable doubt that my client committed this so-called crime. And based on this reasonable doubt, you have got to find him not guilty." Well, the jury was excused to the jury room to deliberate, and the defense attorney felt pretty good. It's like, "Man, that was pretty good. I felt good about that." Well, after about twenty minutes they came back with a unanimous guilty! Well, the defense attorney couldn't understand it, and so he asked the, ah, the jury foreman, he's like, "Hey, what's up?" He said, "You, you guys all looked back there. There was reasonable doubt. Every one of you looked to the door „cause you thought the person was coming through." He said, "That's right, we all looked, everyone except your client!" (laughter) We're in a series called "Footsteps ...

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