by Jeff Schreve

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So, You Want To Be A Disciple? (10 of 11)
Series: Footsteps
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Luke 14:25-35

When I was in junior high and high school, we watched a lot of sports on television. Back in those days we didn't have ESPN, so you had to make hay while the sun was up. And when there was a sporting activity on television, we watched it. And there was a very, very, very popular commercial during that time period, my junior high and high school years, for a beer company called Miller. And they had a new beer that was a lite beer. And the thing about this commercial series was that they would feature ex-players. One of the guys I went to high school with, his dad was an ex-pro football player, Charlie Johnson, and he was actually in one of those commercials, so we were all excited about Charlie Johnson being in a Miller Lite commercial. And if you remember those commercials, you know their thing was that, one athlete would say, "Well, I like this because it tastes great." And the other one would say, "Well, it's less filling" and they would get in this big argument. "Tastes great-less filling; tastes great-less filling." And they said this about the beer from Miller: "Everything you always wanted in a beer, and less."

Now that marketing strategy, that ad campaign, was very, very successful. And you know what? So many churches have kind of adopted that same advertising campaign. They're not promoting Miller LIte; they're promoting Christianity Light.

Tastes great; it's less filling. And in the good endeavor of wanting to reach people, if we're not careful, we can be guilty of watering down the message so that it's more palatable to people, and we offer them Christianity Light. Tastes great-less filling. Hey, there are many in churches and the leadership in the church, they ask this question. "Well, what do people want? Let's give the people what they want." And so they find out what do the people want. Well, they want a shorter service. "Done - we'll give you a s ...

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