by Steve Jones

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God's Protection (2 of 2)
Series: Stand Your Ground
Steve Jones
I Samuel 19

INTRODUCTION: On September 10, 2001, American Airlines Pilot Steve Scheibner logged onto his computer and submitted his name to fly flight 11 the next day from Boston to L.A. Then he began to pack and prepare. However, subsequently, a pilot with more seniority bumped him from the flight. His name was Tom McGuiness. As you know, flight 11 was hijacked by terrorists on 9/11 and flown into the World Trade Center. Ever since that time, Steve Scheibner, a Christian, says he considers himself to be living on borrowed time with a sense of urgency for the Lord.

Today I want to talk about God's protection. Last week we talked about the right to self-defense as it is outlined in the Bible. But I don't want to leave the impression that "we're on our own" in this thing because we're not "on our own." I noted that Nehemiah told his people, "God will fight for us" even as they armed themselves to fight. God fighting for us does not preclude our engaging in self-defense. Having said that, being prepared and engaging in self-defense does not mean that God ISN'T fighting for us!

In the snapshot of David's life that we will study today we're going to see how God intervened to protect David several times and in a variety of ways. In doing so I want us to grow in our appreciation for the role that God plays in our protection.

I Samuel 19:1 "Saul told his son Jonathan and all the attendants to kill David."

As you know, Saul was the KING of Israel and the king wanted David dead. David had a big old bulls-eye on his back and the most powerful man in the nation had drawn it there. Saul had the law, he had the power, he had the army, and he had the vindictive desire to destroy David. David couldn't defend himself against the king without help. You can't beat a king by yourself. Remember Jack Nicolson in "A Few Good Men"? "You WANT me on that w ...

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