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He Shall Be Called Kal-el (2 of 3)
Series: The Man of Steel
Jeff Strite
Matthew 1:18-23

(Start at 0:06 mark and continue through 1:25... stopped before the bloody "S").

Does anybody know who the actor was who was reading the voice over? (Anthony Hopkins, who played Superman's father Jor-el in "Superman Returns"). And his dialogue in that points to the Biblical influence on the Superman myth.

Some time back I read an interesting insight from CNN:
They wrote: "Superman's father is "Jor-El" and his name is "Kal-El." Both names contain "El", the name for God in Hebrew....Steve Skelton, author of a book explaining the parallels between Superman and Jesus said, "It is so on the nose that anyone who has not caught on that Superman is a Christ figure, you think 'Who else could it be referring to?"(Jesus Christ Superman, June 14, 2006)

As CNN noted, the word "El" is the Hebrew word for God, and that Hebrew word "El" shows up a lot in Scripture as part of people's names.

For example, can anyone tell me the names of the two angels whose names end in "el?"
(Gabriel and Michael)
- GabriEL means "God is my strength"
- MichaEL means "Who is like God"

- IsraEL (the man who's 12 sons became the nation of Israel) means "God contended"
- SamuEL (the first in a long line of prophets) means "God has heard"
- DaniEL - God is my Judge
- EzekiEL - God strengthens

Then there are names that begin with "El"
- ELisha - My God is salvation
- ELijah - My God is YAHWEH

El shows up in many Biblical names... included the name in our text this morning: ImmanuEL - which means "God with us"

Now, Superman's given name is actually Kal-el. This was a made up name but it sounds like the Hebrew word for "The voice of God".

As CNN noted, there's an obvious overtones of Superman being an image of Christ.
One of the phrases in that clip we played earlier had Superman's father saying this:
"They can be a great ...

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