by Brad Whitt

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The Vital Truth of the Virgin Birth (2 of 13)
Series: One Extraordinary Life
Dr. Brad Whitt
Luke 1:26-38

INTRO: Take your Bibles now this morning and be finding your place at Luke chapter 1 if you would. Luke chapter 1 and this morning we are going to continue in our brand new series of studies that we began last Sunday morning on the life and ministry of Jesus that we've entitled, "One Extraordinary Life."

If you'll remember last Sunday morning we took a look at what happened at Bethlehem. John put it this way - "The Word became flesh. . ." It's the "Miracle of the Manger" - the incredible truth of the incarnation of the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Well, this morning I want us to turn that truth just a little bit. You see, last week we talked about THE MEANING OF HIS COMING, but this morning I want us to think about THE MANNER OF HIS COMING, and I want to share with you a message that I want to entitle, "The Vital Truth Of The Virgin Birth."


ILLUS: Laura Kate, little wooden blocks, over Thanksgiving holiday. Jenga (A Swahili word that means "build it.") 54 blocks of wood. 18 stories. Three blocks in each level. Here's what you learn - some of the blocks are unnecessary, but other blocks are essential, they are vital to the stability and the structure of the tower. You can not pull them out and expect the tower to stand.

Now, look up here and smile at me because I want to make sure that you hear and understand what I'm about to say. Listen, what's true in Jenga, is true in the Christian faith. There are some essentials, some fundamentals, that if you pull them out, or push them aside, the whole thing falls. And one of those "essential elements" of the Christian faith is the truth of the virgin birth.

You see, in spite of what some liberal theologians and secular writers would have you believe, the virgin birth isn't a peripheral issue, it's a primary issue. It's not extraneous, it is essential. It is a v ...

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