by Brad Whitt

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The Temptation of Christ - Pt. 2 (9 of 13)
Series: One Extraordinary Life
Dr. Brad Whitt
Matthew 4:1-11

INTRO: Take your bibles now this morning and be finding your place at Matthew chapter 4 again if you would. We're in a series of sermons on the life of Jesus that we've entitled, "One Extraordinary Life."

Now, if you were here last Sunday you'll remember that we began looking at one of the greatest battles that has ever taken place in all of human history.

The Bible tells us in Matthew chapter 4, as well as in Mark and Luke, that just before Jesus began His earthly ministry; the enemy engaged Him in a fierce battle in the wilderness of Judaea.

• It was a monumental battle.
• It was a momentous battle.
• It was even somewhat of a mysterious battle.

It was a battle between the Son of God - the Lord Jesus and the Son of Perdition - the Accuser, the Adversary, Lucifer, Satan - better known as "the Devil."

And the Bible tells us that -

• This battle took place just after Jesus had been baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River.

In other words - After the baptism came the battle.
After the dove came the devil.
After the triumph came the temptation.
After that moment of spiritual victory there came a moment of spiritual agony.

BTW - that's always the way it is.

ILLUS: I shared with you last week what Vance Havner said - "The next day after a great day can be a dangerous day."

And we see this truth illustrated all over the Bible.

Elijah calls down fire from heaven, defeats 450 prophets of Baal and in just a matter of hours he's ducking and running and hiding from one wicked woman and praying for God to kill him.

Jonah experienced perhaps the greatest miracle in all of the Bible, outside of the resurrection, spending three days and three nights in the belly of a whale. He saw one of the, if not THE greatest revival in human history and in no time he's so depressed and discouraged that he wants ...

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