by Brad Whitt

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Your Personal Angel (3 of 6)
Series: Angels and Demons
Dr. Brad Whitt
Matthew 18:10

INTRO: I want you to take your Bibles now this morning and be finding your place at Matthew chapter 18 if you would. Matthew 18, and in just a few moments we'll be reading verse 10 as we continue in our series of studies this summer on the subject of "Angels and Demons."

Now, if you'll remember, so far in our study we've looked at what the Bible has to say about the: Presence of angels. And we saw in that particular study that angels are real. They exist. They are "ministering spirits" sent from a loving God to minister in the life of those who know God and fear God. Now, as I shared with you - there are some who don't believe that. There are those who deny the existence of angels. They either think that they're nothing more than a fairy tale, a figment of the imagination, something that was conjured up back in the Dark Ages to comfort the fearful or the feeble minded. Or, they think that once the Holy Spirit was sent to fill us and empower us on the Day of Pentecost that there's no longer a place, a ministry, a role for the angel of God in the life of the child of God.

ILLUS: But I like what Louis Berkhof wrote in his little systematic theology book. He said, "No one who bows before the authority of the Word of God can doubt the existence of angels."

In other words...2 We can disagree on their role or their responsibility. We can debate the number of angels that fell from Heaven and the number of those who remained faithful to God. We can even debate what they look like or how they operate in the life of a believer. But if you believe the Bible, then you have to believe in angels.

Then we looked at the: Personality of angels. And without going over all of that material again, let me just remind you that the Bible tells us that angels: Are powerful, created beings with individual personalities. They are spiritual beings who can from time to time ...

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