by Stephen Whitney

Assurance of Forgiveness
Stephen Whitney
Romans 8:31-33

In 2001 the only nondenominational Christian radio station in the United Kingdom, Premier Christian Radio in London, launched at on line confessional where visitors could pour out their sins to a computer screen. Their listeners comprised a number of different Christian denominations, including Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and Pentecostal. Within 72 hours of the launch, a million people reportedly visited the site. The Confessor arose from a brainstorming session with the executives about how Web surfers could use the internet in a Christian way. Peter Kerridge, the managing director, was part of the team who thought of the online confessions. He said, "The internet has huge potential for people who don't go to church and don't dream of ever going."

Before someone gives a confession, they are invited to read Bible verses about confessing sins to God and about what sin means and its consequences. Kerridge added, "confessions are confidential and once you click the 'arrow key' the confession is erased . . . it is wiped clean."

William Ryan, spokesman for the U.S. Catholic Conference, said that the church does not recognize the online confessions, and that People who use the website will not receive absolution from the church, they must confess in person to a priest not a website.

The issue that the website addressed is how are sins forgiven? The site clearly showed that people what to be able to confess their sins so they feel forgiven and their conscience clean again.

The question is how are sins forgiven by a holy God?

1. It is not just because we decide to confess them.

2. It is not so that we can feel good again about ourselves.

3. It is because God chooses to forgive as a result of Christ paying the price for them so we could be forgiven.


These things refer back to what Paul wrote in ...

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