by Stan Coffey

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How To Pay Your Debts (1 of 6)
Series: The Life of Miracles
Dr. Stan Coffey
2 Kings 4:1-7

If you have your Bible this morning, study is from 2 Kings Chapter 4. So if you will find 2 Kings Chapter 4 in the Old Testament. I just want to share that I appreciate your prayers the first part of this week, Sunday night through Wednesday night; I was with the New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Georgia which is about ten minutes from the airport in Atlanta.

This is one of the exciting churches and one of the leading churches in evangelism in the state of Georgia. God just blessed and gave us a great outpouring and I'm grateful for what the Lord did. I'm grateful for your prayers.

And then Thursday night after I had come back to Amarillo, I had an exciting meeting with our steering committee for "Daring to Believe". You'll be hearing much about Daring to Believe in the weeks ahead and you're going to be asked to be a part of "Daring to Believe".

Tonight, I'll be introducing the steering committee, we had a very tremendous first meeting and God just moved and we believe the Lord is leading and showing us some things about our ministry expansion and what God wants to do in the expansion of our ministries for more facilities and more parking and some of you say for any parking. Amen?

I mean God is working in that and God is giving us a plan and we are going to be excited this fall because we're going to be talking about it and claiming what God has for us. Daring to Believe is going to be our theme.

Daring to Believe God and I think you are going to be pleased and blessed as you see what God has already done and what the Lord is going to continue to do.

It is good to have Bill Cole with us today. Bill's family has not gotten to be with him yet but they will be moving here next week and Bill was kind enough to come on and be with us and get under way our choir is just sounding great and you ought to be in the choir.

We're going to build anot ...

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