by Brad Whitt

I Want To Be A Christian
Dr. Brad Whitt
Philippians 1:21

INTRO: Take your Bibles now this morning and be finding your place at Philippians chapter 1 if you would. Philippians chapter 1 and this morning we're just going to be looking at one verse. As a matter of fact, we're really just going to be focusing on the first part of one verse.

Now, don't let that bother you - because there are so many powerful and practical principles packed into these first seven or so words that even if we really could get everything out of them that's there we'd be here for at least a week, and probably a lot longer than that.

But I want you to look at the first seven or so words of Philippians 1:21 and I want us to think about and talk about what it means to be a Christian.

When I was growing up in children's church we used to sing all kinds of good songs that we never got to sing out in big church. We sang songs like:

• "The Devil is a sly old fox. If I could catch him I'd put him in a box. Lock the door and throw away the key for all the tricks he's played on me."
• "I'm in the Lord's army. I'm in the Lord's army. I may never march in the infantry, ride in the calvary, shoot the artillery. I may never fly over the enemy, but I'm in the Lord's army."
• We even sang "Do Lord" (Remember "Do Lord"?) "Do Lord, O do Lord, O do remember me." (I'm not sure that I ever knew exactly what it was talking about, but we sure loved to sing it - LOUD.)

And then there was a little more serious song that we would sing sometimes that went like this: "I want to be a Christian, in-a my heart, in-a my heart. I want to be a Christian in-a my heart. I want to be more loving, I want to be more holy, I want to be more like Jesus in my heart."

I remember singing that song and I really did - I wanted to be a Christian. As a matter of fact, when I was about 4 years old I jumped up one Sunday morning and went running down to the front and my daddy wisely sent me back. A c ...

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