by Jeff Strite

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A Word to the Wise On Listening to your Papa (2 of 4)
Series: A Word To The Wise (Part 2)
Jeff Strite
Proverbs 4:3-7

OPEN: Have you ever noticed how little children pepper you with questions? I read the story once about a little four-year-old who did that to his mom.
"Mommy, where do babies come from?
Not quite sure she wanted to get technical with her son just now, she replied: "The stork."
"Oh, ok. (pause) Mommy, who keeps bad people from robbing our house?"
"The police, honey."
"Oh, ok. (pause) Mommy, if our house was on fire, who would save us?"
"That would be the fire department, sweetheart."
"Oh, ok. (pause) Mommy, where does food come from?"
"Well, Farmers grow the food honey."
"Oh, ok. (pause) Mommy?"
"Yes, sweetheart - what is it now?"
"What do we need Daddy for?"

APPLY: That little boy's Dad wasn't necessary to help making babies.
And his Dad wasn't needed to keep bad people from robbing their house
And he wasn't needed to save them from fire.
And he wasn't needed to supply food.
So the question remained: if daddy wasn't necessary for those things - what good was he?

That's become the overall attitude of our society.
Men in general, and dads in particular, are considered irrelevant .
Years ago there was a bumper sticker that said:
"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."
A couple of years ago Jennifer Anniston, the 42 yr old actress from popular sitcom, Friends, made the statement that fathers were often inconvenient and when it came to child rearing they could be quite optional.

In the entertainment industry, we've gone from "Father Knows Best" ... to Daddy's an idiot. Sitcoms, Movies and even Cartoons portray fathers as mindless, humorous, and even stupid.

But Proverbs paints an entirely different picture of Fathers.
Now granted, the writer of Proverbs is a FATHER writing to his son. But this Father was not just any Father - He was a man inspired by the Holy Spirit to give us God's Wisdom. And God's w ...

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