by Brad Whitt

Four Steps To Hell - How To Go To Hell
Dr. Brad Whitt
Proverbs 29:1

Intro: I want you to take your Bibles now this morning, and I want you to go ahead and be finding your place at Proverbs 29:1 if you will. It's a very important verse and I've prayed all week long that this would be a very influential message in the lives of lost people here today, because I want to share with you for a few minutes here this morning what I want to call, "Four Steps To Hell."

Proverbs 29, and just looking at verse 1.

And while you are finding your place there . . .

Most, if not all, of you know that I was raised in a little community known as Moore's Chapel, Tennessee which is in between Trenton and Milan, Tennessee, which is just north of Jackson, Tennessee, which is in between Memphis, Tennessee and Nashville, Tennessee. I would say that I was raised in the country, but really we had to go through town to even get to the country. Our zip code was "eieio." We raised chickens and had a garden and burned our trash in the backyard. We ate sorghum and butter on our biscuits and I know that mountain oysters have nothing to do with the ocean.

We moved to the Moore's Chapel - Milan area when I was half-way through the third grade. And we basically lived there all of my life. (Which answers a lot of the questions that you've had about me.) I graduated from Milan High School. (With an honors diploma, if you can believe it.) And so when somebody asks me where I am from, I still, to this day refer to Milan, TN as my home because that's the closest town to where I was raised that had a post office.

ILLUS: In our lives there are events that take place that we never forget. I remember shooting doves with Mr. Jenkins when I was just a boy. I remember the deer breaking into the church and having to be tranquilized by the local police and tied up with extension chords so he didn't break through the 150 year old stained glass windows in the chapel. I rememb ...

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