by Jerry Watts

People in the Church
Jerry Watts
Daniel 11:32b

• Today I was reading over some things that I had written and shared with my first church - some 20 years ago. When I read over this particular devotion - it brought back to me those days of a new direction of ministry, a new desire to reach and touch people, build the church, and impact the community. The way God has determined to touch people is BY PEOPLE working in the power of the Holy Spirit.

• God has a plan for every congregation. It is a plan to bless, prosper, and I believe, to grow. Because growing and building the Kingdom and His church is what our Lord is all about.

• Look in Daniel with me. (READ TEXT) As I re-read this verse and then scanned my thoughts from 3 years ago, I sensed this is still true today and serves as a reminder to us.

• For our thoughts, I offer 3 groups of people who are found in every church.

1. Objectors - these are the people with the first word, first group - BUT -

7 last words of Church - both positive and negative / these are the ones who stand forever on this thought, "If it ain't broke, don't mess with it." I submit that many good things have passed into oblivion because they were not re-visited and re-tweaked to be updated. In fact, one of these guys will say, "It may be good Idea, but I don't think so."

ILLUS: the Chandelier / The people (members) seem to be content and intent on saying, "we can't," when God says "you can if you trust me."

ILLUS: In 1878, Arnold was watching train as they were trying to make it work, he said, "You'll never get it started, contraption like that won't work!"

The with steam belching, a little grind, the engineer put in reverse taking out slack and then putting it in gear, it moved forward." So Arnold said, "You'll never get it stopped."

• Ever meet Arnold? / only it you dream / try to attain Christ /

• Moss Point - Crabbing / No top on bucket that you harvest crabs in, you know why? If one cr ...

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