by Jerry Watts

Meeting The King
Jerry Watts
Luke 19:28-40

• (READ TEXT) This was an unusual time in the life of Jesus and His disciples. To this point, Jesus seemed to deflect attention from Himself. On more than one occasion He had told folks that He had ministered to, "Don't tell anyone" or even made the statement, "My time has not yet come." But now, just a few days before Passover, this seems to change. The tension between Jesus and the church leaders is rising. Those people we know as the "Chief Priest, Pharisees, even Sadducees and scribes" had finally found a common enemy, Jesus.

• Pause to say: The authentic Jesus, even today, stands in a stark contrast (even to the point of being an enemy) to organized religion and the organized church. These groups are all about the letter of the law while Jesus is about the spirit of the law. They are all about control while Jesus is all about freedom. They are all about laws and rules, while Jesus zeroes in on thoughts and attitude. Jesus, in large measure, opposes what man supports.

• It was this type of tension (from enemies) which increasingly surrounded Jesus and His disciples as the Passover approached. Now He has set His face toward Jerusalem, even knowing what was awaiting Him and what would transpire. He was determined to see the Father's plan all the way through until He could say, "It it finished."

• Jesus knew that the soul of every person rested on Him and all that He would do in the next week. If there was to be the hope of heaven for humankind, it would be because He - the King, the Lord, and master, would fulfill His purpose and become SAVIOR for all.

• So the stage is set, Jesus must go to Jerusalem and must present Himself as the King.

• Finally, NOW was the time. The culture would meet Him as a KING, but He was not the King for which they were looking. Such is the nature of a King. When you get a King - He may not be what you were hoping for because the King sets the standard, rules ...

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