by Zach Terry

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Proverbial Women (3 of 11)
Series: Proverbs
Zach Terry
Proverbs 22:6

ILLUSTRATION: (Borrowed from Stu Weber's - Tender Warrior) In J.R.R. Tolkien's classic fantasy, "The Hobbit", a band of dwarves and one little hobbit are seemingly lost beyond hope in a vast, vile forest called Mirkwood. Against all counsel and warning, they have strayed from the path, looking for food, and now find themselves in deadly peril from hunger, thirst and nests of giant sinister spiders. The ancient forest is so dense that the sky above is virtually obliterated by the towering branches and thick foliage. Half- blind in the perpetual dush and bereft of any sense of direction, the dwarves send Bilbo the hobbit (because he is the smallest) up the slimy branches of a massive old tree to look for an end ot the forest or a landmark or anything that might give the little party some hope of finding it's way.

Up and up he climbs, until the little fellow finally reaches the tip-top of the great giant tree. Swaying on the thin uppermost limbs, Bilbo at last sticks his head out of the foliage. He finds himself dazzled by the brilliant blue sky and golden sunlight - and nearly intoxicated by the sweet fresh air above and beyond the dank and rotting forrest.

There is fresh air up there, you know. there is direction and wisdom and landmarks that will never change. A person can get perspective up there, direction... if he or she is willing to humble themselves and seek it from the Lord God.

This is similar to the experience of studying the Proverbs. do not expect some great new truth of which you have never heard. Expect rather to see again ancient landmarks that have been obscured by the world, the routine of life.

CONTEXT: In these last few sermons in Proverbs we are going to allow Solomon to speak to us as Men and Women. Today we are going to look at Proverbial Women.

There are reasons for each of us to hear this sermon:

• Single men - You need to learn the women to avoi ...

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