by Kerry Shook

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Career By God (5 of 5)
Series: Under New Management
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Romans 12:1 (GN)


• Overcome extreme problems with a new perspective.

• Romans 5:3-4 (LB)

• Overcome extreme pressure with prayer.

• 2 Cor. 1:8-9 (LB)


• The Rhino - runs over people


We are in a series where we are learning how to worship God in all the details in our life. We are learning how to make Christ our life manager. Today we are talking about Career By God. This is a much needed message with the shaky economy and a competitive and cut-throat global market. It is a jungle out there. In fact in today's workplace there is an intense pressure to perform at peak levels all the time and that's just not humanly possible. Eventually it catches up with you and it will come out in burnout either emotionally or physically or depression or breakup of marriages or breakdown of families. Unless you are some super human Tarzan how to you survive the jungle of the workplace? This is an issue that a lot of people are thinking about today. In fact this week I got on the internet and did a little research on it and I typed in the words "work stress" into my search engine and I discovered a lot of people are interested in this topic. Did you know there are 2,970,000 sites that have to do with work stress? So, I went through each and every one of them and our message today is three days long. No, needless to say I barely got started doing the research on this. But this is something we all have to deal with because everybody works. Whether you drive downtown to an office or maybe you are a student - you still have to work. Maybe you are a stay at home mom and you really have to work because it's a jungle at home. Or, maybe you are retired, but you still have work to do because everybody works and everybody has work stress. Have you ever made the mistake of looking at some guy or some gal and saying, I wish I had their job. They have no stress in their job. Then you get a little closer to the situation and you realize they have work stress too, just like you do. Everybody has work related stress. If I did your job for a week I would be stressed out completely, totally out of my element. If I came up to you today and said I need you to do my job next week. Starting next weekend, oh, and by the way you'll start by preaching three services to 9,000 people. Is that all right? That might put some of you in stress mode. I want to say right now that God places us where He does for a reason so we can use our gifts and abilities and passions in the workplace. God wants you to express yourself and who He made you to be at work and if you can't do that at work that is a spiritual problem.
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