by Jeff Strite

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A Word to the Wise on Your Tongue (3 of 4)
Series: A Word To The Wise
Jeff Strite
Proverbs 15:1-8

OPEN: The tongue.

The tongue is considered a very important part of our culture. So much so that it is central to many of our common sayings. Sayings like:

• I just said that "Tongue-in-cheek"
• Or "are you tongue tied?
• "Will you quit sticking your tongue out.
• Or "That's a real tongue twister.
• Or "Cat got your tongue?"

Did you realize that your tongue (like your heart) is almost ALL muscle? But, unlike your heart - which goes through routine and repetitive contractions, all of which you have no control of - your tongue is very much under your control.

To prove that, let's go through a few experiments:

• Put your tongue up against the roof of your mouth.
• Now, put it down behind your bottom teeth.
• Now put it up against your left cheek.
• And now against your right cheek.
Notice how versatile this muscle we call a tongue really is.
In fact, I've been told that only a certain percentage of the population can "roll" their tongue. How many of you can do it. (Be sure to congratulate of the members of the audience when they do this).

And so, the tongue is a very agile and intriguing muscle. And there's a reason for that. First, it's virtually impossible to eat without having a tongue. The tongue is designed to move food around in your mouth and direct it to your throat. Without your tongue, you would have an extremely hard time of surviving. In fact, one of the ladies of our church said her mother had her tongue removed because of cancer, and has been written up in medical books as being the longest living woman to have had her tongue removed. Despite the difficulty of eating, she pureed her own food and could swallow by tilting her head back.

AND even if you could "eat" without your tongue, you couldn't taste anything. All of your taste buds are located on your tongue. Imagine going out to eat, paying a huge amount of money fo ...

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