by Kerry Shook

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Twenty-Four (2 of 3)
Series: Time Squared - Multiplying Your Time in the New Year
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Matt. 11:28-30 (NLT)


"For My yoke fits perfectly ...."

• Ask God what should be on my list

• Write out my list

• Dedicate my list to God everyday

"Reverence for God adds hours to each day...." Prov. 10:27 (LB)



We live in a world of numbers. We work 9 to 5; we fly in a 747; we drive 55 - or at least we should; when we want information we dial 411; when we have an emergency we call 911; we play 18 holes of golf in which I'm usually yelling 4 which leads to a 6 on a par 3; we are always told to give 100% and everyone wants to be number 1, but there is no number more important than 24. It's the only number that can change your life. 24 represents the number of hours in a day. John Maxwell says we overestimate the importance of yesterday. We can't change it. We overestimate the important of tomorrow. It's not here yet, but we vastly underestimate the power of today. If I can change my day, what I do in 24 hours, I change a lifetime. That's the difference a day makes. We are in a series that I'm calling Time Squared. Its how to multiply your time and we all learned in first grade how to tell time, but almost no one learns how to use time. It all comes down to 24. If I can change my daily habits, I can change my life. Every day all four of my kids walk off to school with one of these -- a backpack. In that backpack they have all the important items they will need for the day. Homework assignments that hopefully have been completed. Books that they are going to need for their classes. Even their lunch is in their backpack. All the important items they are going to need for the day is right there in that backpack. Now I want you to imagine with me that this backpack represents your daily schedule. The items you put in the backpack represent all the activities and events that you pack into your day. Now, for some of you, your daily backpack of activities is so full that you are running around and you can't keep it all together because stuff is falling out everywhere. You've just overloaded your backpack of daily activities. For some of you, your daily backpack of activities is stuffed full of stressful things. Struggles that just weigh you down so that you walk through life just worn out and totally overwhelmed and weighted down by all the burdens from your daily schedule. Well, if you feel that way today, like your schedule is so overloaded that you just don't have enough hours in a day, I've got good news for you. I want you to look at what Jesus said in Matthew, Chapter 11. It's our key passage today in which He really gives us the secrets to changing our 24.
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