by Kerry Shook

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Time Change (3 of 3)
Series: Time Squared - Multiplying Your Time in the New Year
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Eccl. 3:1 (NIV)

Tricycle People: Whine about change

Paddle Boat People: Worry about change

Pogo Stick People: Bounce from change to Change

Buggy People: Ignore change

Donkey People: Stubbornly fight change


1. A Foundation That Never Changes

• Matt. 7:24, 25 (The Msg)


This is cool. It's a lot of fun. It's self-balancing. You go forward, I don't know how to stop. No. This is pretty wild. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but it's a lot of fun. I like this. I think I'll preach from it. Madam, can you wake up please? Thank you. You, sir, right over here, I see you. Pretty nifty, huh? So, when you lean forward it goes forward and then you brake by leaning back. It's as simple as that. Most of you know that what I am riding on right here is called a Segway. A few years before the Segway was introduced, its inventor, Dean Cayman, said he was going to have a press conference to announce a world changing invention. He said that he had been working on a secret invention that would change the world. Well, I don't know if the Segway changed the world, but it is pretty cool and it reminds me of how our modes of transportation have certainly changed over the years. I mean, just a couple hundred years ago George Washington would travel from Virginia to Washington, D.C. by horseback and it would take him ten days traveling at a speed of 25 miles per day. Today, astronauts get into the space shuttle and they fly at 25,000 miles per hour. At that speed you can go from New York to LA in about eight minutes. One guy put it this way. He said, "My great grandfather rode a horse, but was afraid of the train. My grandfather rode the train, but he was afraid of a car. My father rode in a car, but he was afraid of an airplane. I ride in an airplane, but I'm afraid of a horse." Change comes back around, doesn't it? Change is inevitable. We change lanes. We change directions. We change our clothes. We change channels. If you are a guy you change channels. We change our minds and we change hairstyles. Some of us have changed our hairstyle drastically over the years. This was a picture of me in my prime. Many of you didn't believe I had hair, did you? And then, of course, when I was ten and my wife was nine .... And then when we got married I still had hair and that's why she married me and, of course, now - how can you get better looking then that? I don't know if that's Bruce Willis or Daddy Warbucks. I've been told a lot of different things. We've all heard that change is good for you, but let's be honest. The only people who really like change are babies with dirty diapers.
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