by Kerry Shook

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Olympic Hockey Gold - 1980 (5 of 5)
Series: Time Machine
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• John 13:5 (NIV)

1. Redefine Greatness

• John 13:14 (NIV)

• John 13:17 (NIV)

2. Rise to the Challenge


We're concluding the series today that we've been in the last several weeks that I've been calling Time Machine. We've been having a lot of fun in this series as we've been going back in time each week to learn some timeless truths from God's Word. We've also been preparing for our campaign of kindness that starts next weekend. We're getting ready for one of the greatest chapters in the history of our church as we are going to touch everyone in our community and surrounding communities with an act of love, kindness and compassion between next weekend and Christmas. The big weekend is next weekend. Now, I know that many of you have been meeting in small groups and in your small groups of kindness I told you first to do an act of kindness for someone in your family and then I asked you to do an act of kindness with your group for the people on your street or in your neighborhood. We've heard from thousands of you. We heard from a lot of the groups that went to fire departments and made them meals and just encouraged them. Then we heard from many of the groups that went to the nursing homes and brought birthday cakes and just cheered the residents up. We've heard from groups that have gone into the schools and done things for teachers. We've heard from groups that have done nice things for everyone on their street - like bring them a meal or wash their car. Our staff team just this last week went to four elementary schools in the Conroe Independent School District. We served ice cream sundaes to every teacher. We had so much fun. Then we washed the windows of the teacher's cars out in the parking lot. So, we've already touched thousands in the campaign of kindness, which hasn't even started yet. That was just preparation for it. The big weekend is next weekend and if you are not in one of those groups, it's okay. This is the weekend, next weekend, that all of us come together and the whole thing gets kicked off, whether you are in a group or you are not in a group, the whole church comes together this next weekend to kick it off. Now, since next weekend is the big weekend where a large church can make a large impact as we all pool together and come together to make a difference. That's one of the big advantages of a big church. A big church makes a big difference and that's what's going to happen next weekend. But, since next weekend is the big weekend I thought what I would do this morning is just share my heart on how we can prepare for God to do something great in our lives, in our families, in our church and in our community.
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