by Kerry Shook

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Sacred Reflection (4 of 4)
Series: Sacred
Pastor Kerry and Chris Shook

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• 1 Corinthians 13:12 (LB)


• Uniqueness

• Psalm 139:14 (LB)

• Character

• 2 Corinthians 3:18 (LB)


KERRY: We are in this series that we are calling Sacred and today we are talking about something that is really near and Dear to my wife Chris' heart, sacred reflection, because each and every one of us have a sacred reflection and if we can see our sacred reflection, our true self, then it changes everything in our lives.

CHRIS: Most of us ladies have a love/hate relationship with the mirror. Every time we go past a mirror whether it is in a restaurant or in a friend's home, any chance we have we have to look and check in the mirror and see how we look and the problem is that most of the time we really don't like what we see but like a bug drawn to a bug zapper we just keep looking. We look over and over and over. I think that's because God hard wired into every one of us a desire to see our sacred reflection. To see ourselves as he really sees us. So, let's stand together this morning in honor of God's word and read our verse. It is found in First Corinthians 13:12 and let's read it together. "In the same way we can see and understand only a little about God now as if we were peering at his reflection in a poor mirror but someday we are going to see him in his completeness face to face. Now all that I know is hazy and blurred but then I will see everything clearly just as clearly as God sees into my heart right now." Let's pray. Father, thank you for bringing us here today to learn more about you. We just ask that you would reveal to us our sacred reflection; what we look like in your eyes. Thank you especially for the moms here today and every one of our moms are the people who are represented here. We love you Jesus. It's in your name we pray. Amen. You can be seated. Now underline that phrase poor mirror in that passage because it is saying that when we here on earth look at God from our standpoint things seem kind of hazy, a little bit blurry. Sometimes I can't get a clear picture of what God looks like but someday we have the assurance and the hope that we will get to see him face to face and that every thing will become clear to us. Perfectly clear. That is our problem that we keep looking into mirrors, into reflections, in this life on earth to see what we are like and to see what people think of us and to check on our value. We look in actual mirrors to see our reflection and then we also look at some other mirrors that we use to see what our value is. The problem is that they are kind of like fun house mirrors. We don't get a true picture of what we are like. We get a distortion.
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