by Kerry Shook

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Sex Starts In The Kitchen (2 of 4)
Series: S.O.S.
Pastor Kerry Shook

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3 Areas of Intimacy

- Spiritual Intimacy
- Emotional Intimacy
- Physical Intimacy

She needs to feel treasured.
He needs to feel respected.

• Song of Solomon 2:1 (NIV)

Clue #1 Kitchen
Start cooking with communication.

• Philippians 2:2 (LB)

Verbal connection
Verbal caresses


I heard the story of a young pastor who was new in his church, new in his community, and one of the ladies in his church came up to him and asked him if he would speak at her women's civic club. Well he agreed, but he asked, "What's the subject?" And she said, "Well, we're all interested in what the Bible has to say about sex." Well that night in the pastor's study, he was working on his talk, and his wife came into the study, and she said, "Honey, what are you working on?" And he said, "Well, this civic club asked me to give a talk." And she said, "What's the subject?" And being a little embarrassed and caught off guard, he blurted out, "Sailing. Sailing. It's about sailing." Well the pastor's wife walked out of his study and thought, "That's strange. He's never even liked sailing."

Well, the next day he gave the speech. Everything went great. But that night, the pastor's wife was in the grocery store, and one of the ladies from the civic club ran up to her real excitedly and she said, "I want you to know your husband did a great job today, and he's such an expert on that subject!" Well the pastor's wife looked puzzled, and she said, "That's funny. He's only done it twice. The first time he got sick, and the second time he fell off!"

Well, we're all a little embarrassed to talk about love and sex; but folks, Hollywood's not embarrassed to talk about it. MTV's not embarrassed to talk about it. We're constantly being bombarded with the wrong messages about this subject, and I think it's time that churches step up to the plate and teach what God's word has to say about this very important subject. That's why we started a series last week that I'm calling "S.O.S. - God's Help for Love and Sex." And we saw last week that sex is created by God. It's God's idea, and it's a good gift of God. It has the potential to bring about great joy or great devastation in a relationship. It just depends on how you handle it.

Now don't you think God, as He gives us these wonderful gifts, also gives us instructions? God wouldn't give us such powerful gifts as dating, love, marriage, sex, without giving us some instructions. God wants us to enjoy life. Now fortunately, He left a whole book in the Bible, the Song of Solomon; and it covers all these subjects.
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