by Kerry Shook

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Are You Ready To Rumble? (3 of 4)
Series: S.O.S.
Pastor Kerry Shook

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3 Rounds of Every Marriage

Round 1 The Honeymoon Round

• Song of Solomon 2:2 (NIV)

• Song of Solomon 2:5,8 (LB)

Round 2 The Reality Round

• Proverbs 27:15,16 (NIV)

Round 3 The Mature Love Round


1. Stay in the Ring and Off the Ropes

• Song of Solomon 5:2 (LB)

• Song of Solomon 5:3 (NIV)


I'm standing here in a professional boxing ring and I'm holding some boxing gloves that were signed by one of the greatest fighters of all time - Mohammed Ali. They are actually signed by Mohammed Ali. Now, I know that just putting Ali's gloves on won't make me a great boxer, but I thought if I got a great fight trainer then, who knows? So, I went to downtown Houston this last week to the Lee Candilito's Boxing Gym. Now, folks, understand this gym looks like it came right out of our of the Rocky movies. It's in a tough part of town. Graffiti everywhere. All these great boxers come to train. So, I got fight trainer Ray Sugaroso, one of the best in the business, to train me how to box. His whole goal was to help me be able to go at least a few rounds with some of their best fighters and it's not pretty. Just watch.


That was pathetic, wasn't it? I have a whole new respect for boxers now. You could tell that one guy was really going easy on me. He still landed a blow on my chin that gave me a headache for the rest of the week. Just as I had no idea how to box, most couples have no idea how to resolve conflict. No one teaches us how to resolve conflict. I think there ought to be a law that before you get married you have to take a class on resolving conflict. Now, fortunately, God gives us a whole book in the Bible that deals with issues like love, dating, marriage, sex and conflict. It's called the Song of Solomon. We are in a series that we are calling "S.O.S. - God's Help For Love and Sex." We've been learning how to apply God's wisdom in this very important area and we've seen in the Song of Solomon that this couple has a passionate love life for each other. What we are going to see today might surprise you. They have a conflict. Conflict is inevitable in every marriage. Every marriage goes through conflict. We are going to learn today how to fight fair so that it leads to intimacy. Now, the Song of Solomon is about King Solomon and his wife. They are passionately and madly in love with each other, but yet two chapters in the book are dedicated to a conflict that they have and how they resolve it. So, 25% of the book is about conflict in a marriage relationship. That's because every marriage goes through three rounds. The first round is The Honeymoon Round. It's the honeymoon round.
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