by Kerry Shook

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Recipe For Romance (4 of 4)
Series: S.O.S.
Pastor Kerry Shook

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1. Turn Up The Heat With Loving Actions

• Song of Solomon 7:11,12 (NIV)

• Song of Solomon 2:15 (NLT)

3 Fire Extinguishers of Romance


2. Add The Spice Of Appreciation
(Song of Solomon Chapter 7)

Study her

"How beautiful your sandaled feet, ..." vs 1a (NIV)

Elevate her
"O prince's daughter!" vs 1b (NIV)


Today is the day that Ben and J.Lo were supposed to get married. But to the sadness of us all they postponed it. They said it's because the media frenzy surrounding the event. Some people think they are actually going to get married today that they are just trying to throw off the media. Now Vegas odds makers are already taking bets on how long the marriage is going to last, if, that is, it ever happens. I don't know for sure either, but I know this. Ben and J.Lo say it's going to last forever. As a pastor I presided over my share of weddings over the last 17 or 18 years and I've noticed that every wedding ceremony has this forever attitude about it. There is a lot of forever used in a wedding ceremony. They usually sing a forever type song. During the reception all the toasts have the word forever in them. Every couple enters marriage thinking it's going to last forever. I've never once had a couple come up to me before the wedding and say, pastor, we're just hoping to get maybe five or six years out of this thing. That never happens. Everyone goes into marriage thinking it's going to last forever, but the statistics tell us that almost one/half of all marriages today won't cross the finish line. Even many of the marriages that do go the distance, they start to fizzle along the way. They lose their sizzle and their focus changes. Instead of focusing on their love for each other and their family, their focus completely changes and their focus just changes to raising the kids. That's a noble cause, but when the kids are grown and gone, they find themselves looking across the table at each other and wondering, "who are you?" Well, every marriage starts out great so what happens? Somebody said marriage is like taking a hot bath. Once you've been in it a while it ain't so hot anymore. We are going to learn from the Song of Solomon that you just have to keep adding hot water. We are concluding the series we have been in the last several weeks we're calling S.O.S. - God's Help For Love and Sex. We've been looking at King Solomon and his wife who are passionately in love with each other. Today we are going to see probably the most important part of the whole book. The most important message of the series. We are going to see how to cook up a marriage that sizzles for a lifetime and we've turned this whole place into a cooking show.
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