by Kerry Shook

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Happy Days (3 of 5)
Series: Retro Vision: Getting Back to a Clear Life Purpose
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Prov. 29:18 (KJV)

• Time is linear

• Time is limited

• Psalm 90:12 (LB)

• Time is Life

• Eph. 5:15-16 (LB)




We've had a lot of fun looking at the old, television shows of the past. But, more importantly, we're looking to God's Word for some powerful truths about how to get back to a clear life vision and a clear life purpose. Our key verse for the whole series is Proverbs 29:18 which says "Where there is no vision, the people perish ...." If the vision for your life is clouded and unclear, your enthusiasm for life will eventually die. There is nothing more important in your life and mine then vision. The good news is God wants to give you a clear vision for your life. He wants to give you a clear purpose for your life. Today you can see that the stage is decorated like a 50's style diner. That's because we're talking about Happy Days. Not so much about the hit television show that focused on the 50's, but more about how you and I can experience happy days by getting a new vision for our schedule. The pace of life has definitely changed a lot over the last 50 years, wouldn't you agree? I just find it ironic that we have all this new technology that's supposed to help us with our schedules - like the palm pilots, the cell phones, the blackberry's and all those things, but technology hasn't made life any easier. In fact, it seems to me that life is more complicated and our schedules are more overloaded then they've ever been before. For most of us, instead of experiencing happy days we experience hectic days. God wants you and me to learn how to rock around the clock and understand how to get a new vision for our schedule. In the show, Happy Days, the Cunningham family would always come home every night and sit down at the dinner table and have a relaxed, family dinner. Sometimes the Fonz would come over and join them and they would have this special time around the family dinner table every night. Today, most of us feel like that guy in the circus who's spinning the dinner plates on those poles. One of the plates starts to wobble over here so you run over and start to spin that and then another one on the other side starts to wobble and you run over and you spin that. The one in the middle almost falls down and you run over and spin that. Our schedules are so overloaded that we just feel like we're spinning all these plates just trying to keep it all from crashing to the ground. God wants to help you survive your schedule. Not only to survive, but to thrive in your schedule. To really have the priorities that He wants you to have in your life.
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