by Kerry Shook

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The Flood of Indecision (3 of 5)
Series: Rescue - Lessons from the Life of Noah
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Gen. 8:15-20 (NLT)


• Gen. 6:9 (NIV)

• Jer. 29:13 (NIV)


• Gen. 8:6 (NLT)

• Window of spiritual growth

• Gen. 8:7-9 (NLT)

• Window of peace


Well, we're all still here! Can you believe it? Yeah! The world didn't end yesterday, Saturday, May 21, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. like eccentric evangelist Harold Camping had predicted, and unfortunately, since the world was supposed to end, I didn't prepare a message this weekend, so we can all go home. If you have no idea what I'm talking about right now, just watch this.

(VIDEO) This is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the Lord their God. This is a clip from an advert filmed by an American Christian organization called Family Radio. They're really pushing the idea at the moment that this Saturday the world is going to end. God has commanded us to warn them that the sword is coming. This man is behind the campaign. Howard Camping reckons he's deciphered the Bible and is convinced the Apocalypse is on the way. On May 21 there is going to be a terrific earthquake way, way greater than anything that the earth has ever experienced, and that will be the beginning of judgment day. The rest of the world will know instantly that judgment day has begun, because all the earthquake centers will pick that up instantly, and they will be able, until it comes to 6:00 p.m. May 21 in their city, they will be able to witness what has happened there. It looks like he spent a lot of money trying to persuade people the world is going to end this weekend, too. He sent Family Radio caravans into Times Square in New York, paid for billboards all over the U.S. and even talked about judgment day on his live web show. It's going to happen. That's why when we bring the warning to the world that judgment day is coming we don't say 'maybe' or 'high likelihood', we're saying judgment day is May 21, 2011, and that's going to happen. It's not the first time Campings made an apocalyptic prediction. He said the exact same thing would happen in 1994, something he now blames on a miscalculation, but if the world is going to end this weekend, what is he going to be doing on his final days on earth. He says he is going to watch events unfold on TV and pray for his non-believing family and friends. The whole world has to know that judgment day is near. (END)

So I guess he's 0 for 2 now. Well, the Bible says Christ will return and the world will end one day, but Jesus said no one knows the day or the hour when I will return except the Father.
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