by Fred Lowery

What Are You Building Your Life On?
Dr. Fred Lowery
Matthew 7:24-25; Romans 8:9; Matthew 7:13-16; 1 Corinthians 3:10-15; Luke 6:46-49

I was in a revival meeting in Knoxville, TN years ago and I did a thing on the radio -- an interview on the radio and also doing an interview that day was a star football player for University of Tennessee and so I had the opportunity to meet him and to chat with him and I just - you know -- we just have one opportunity to talk with somebody you like to bring up Jesus because you never know and so I talked to him about Christ and he's not a Christian and invited him to the revival that I was -- the church that I was in and amazingly he came to that revival service and then he came back the next night and on that second night he walked down the aisle and he came -- he came to me and he said I'm dumb but I'm not too dumb to know I need Jesus Christ. Aren't you glad the gospel is simple? Because I found out that this guy was so good but he was not very smart when it comes to grades. They were giving him all kinds of special tutoring so that -- that he could stay in school so he could play football. He wasn't as bad as the one guy I heard about that they were wanting him to play football and he couldn't pass any of the tests so they designed a test for him and they got him in the room and they said we've got some simple questions for you. Question #1 - What's 2 "tutems" (times) 2? He said I don't know. You know you know what 2 "tutems"(times) 2. Naw, I don't. Well, what's 2 "tutems"(times) 3? Sir, I don't know. And the guy was just frustrated. You mean-- you have to know this. And the football player looked at him and said, I don't even -- I don't even know what "tutems" is.

Well, I'm glad the gospel is simple and my text --we'll get in it in a moment in Matthew 7. I want you to -- here is a simple passage but it is one of the greatest passages in all of God's word and so we'll -- and I'm just so grateful that -- that Jesus jus ...

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