by Kerry Shook

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Face to Face - Jesus on Relationships (1 of 3)
Series: Relationship Principles of Jesus
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• John 13:34 (NIV)

• Titus 3:7 (CEV)

Love: Giving someone what they need not what they deserve.

• Time Table

• Verbal Table

• Touch Table

• Practical Table

• Gift Table

• Opportunity Table

• Provider Table


• Luke 12:6-7 (NAB)


"Music playing"

This is now we sometimes feel with the people we love. We are serving but no one is returning. We are expressing love but they are not receiving love. We are trying so hard to communicate how much we love them but they are not hearing it or feeling it, or maybe you are like this in an important relationship in your life. You are waiting to receive but no one is serving and you don't feel loved. Maybe you don't feel loved by your spouse or you don't feel loved by a parent or a friend. Bill Hybels tells about a dad who came to him and said I really love my teenage son but we are having all kinds of problems. It's just really bad right now. Hybels said after I counseled with him I thought I've never met a dad who loves his son so much. Then the son came in and he said well what seems to be the problem between you and your dad and he said well my dad just doesn't love me. Hybels thought did this father just lie to me, but he found out no. The father really did love his son but the son really didn't feel loved by his dad and that's because the father was expressing love in a way the son couldn't receive it and most relationship problems start because we don't know how to give and receive love. Now several years ago Chris and I did a brief illustration and a message on communication using a ping pong table. We were talking about staying at the table when it comes to communication and it was only about five minutes in the whole message but it was so impactful that we still have people come up to us and say he we are staying at the table when it comes to communication. I remember the ping pong illustration and so we want to expound on that in this series on the relationship principles of Jesus and we are going to use a ping pong table for the next several weeks in hopes that you will remember these powerful principles that Jesus taught us on relationship. We hope you will never forget it so we are going to use the ping pong table to kind of connect the two so you will remember it and put it into your life and next week, Chris is going to play me in ping pong and we are going to talk about handling conflict and it can get a little heated as we get our stress out right in front of you. Don't miss it next weekend. Jesus on conflict and Kerry and Chris in the battle of the sexes when it comes to ping pong. It's going to be a lot of fun.
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