by Kerry Shook

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Face Up - Jesus on Forgiveness (3 of 3)
Series: The Relationship Principles of Jesus
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Matthew 6:12 (TEV)

1. Recognize the Damage of Resentment

• Matthew 6:14-15 (NIV)

Forgiveness is not about...

• performance

• pretending

• projecting

2. Release the Spear of Resentment

• Admit my bitterness


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In the 1950s, anthropologist called the Waodani tribe in the rainforest of Ecuador the most vicious and violent society on the face of the earth. The Waodanis had this culture of revenge that had passed down for generations. In the Waodani tribe if you were wrong it was considered your right to spear the person who wronged you. They were killing each other at such a rate that by 1955 they were almost extinct. Now we look at that and we think that is crazy, a culture of revenge? That is insanity that it is okay to spear the person who wronged you. But, think about it. We live in a culture of resentment and it's just as crazy. It may not be the proper thing to do to spear the person who hurt you. We may not spear them physically but we spear them by holding onto our hurt, holding onto our bitterness and holding onto our resentment. We hold onto the spear of resentment when we refuse to forgive and it's just as insane as what the Waodanis were doing because resentment never works. Resentment never rights a wrong. Resentment never solves the situation and it doesn't make me feel any better. We think when we hold onto our hurt we are getting back at the person who hurt us. We think when we hold onto our bitterness we are getting revenge of the person who wronged us. We think when we hold onto the spear of resentment then we are spearing the person who hurt us but whenever I use the spear of resentment it doesn't hurt the person who wronged me. It only hurts me. How we need to realize that. We think we are spearing that person who wronged us but we are just spearing ourselves and some of you have been hurt by someone in your past and you are refusing to forgive and you think about holding onto that hurt and you are getting back at them but they are not even thinking about you. They have gone on with their life and you're not hurting them at all. You're just allowing them to hurt you all over again. You're allowing them to spear you again and again by refusing to forgive. It only hurts me when I hold onto the spear of resentment. We are in a series I'm calling the relationship principles of Jesus. Today we are talking about Jesus on forgiveness and Jesus had a lot to say about forgiveness. He taught through his words and his example what forgiveness is all about and it's a crucial component in building relationships.
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