by Kerry Shook

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Love Connection (2 of 4)
Series: The Purpose of Life
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Gen. 2:18 (NIV)

You were made to . . .

• Connect to your Creator

• Rom. 4:25 (LB)

• Connect spiritually to others

God's word for connecting with others is fellowship


4 metaphors for being a part of a church

1. It's like being a stone in a building

• Eph. 2:20, 21 (LB)

In a building the connected parts support each other

2. It's like being a part of a body

• Rom. 12:4-5 (LB)

In a body, the connected parts grow together


I am doing a series called The Purpose of Life and today we are talking about Love Connection. I titled the message Love Connection, well to be honest with you, the reason I titled the message Love Connection is because I've always had a dream of being a television game show host. I'll just be honest with you. I kind of felt uneasy about admitting that, but I always dreamed when I was a kid, what would it be like to be a television game show host? I used to watch all those big game shows and only two things kept me from being that - talent and hair. I think I could have made it over the top with those two things. I always dreamed of what it would be like to be the host of Love Connection. To be a guy like Chuck Woolery, who is so smooth and so sharp. I always thought, what it would be like, what would it be like, what would it be like...

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the star of Love Connection, Chuck Woole...I mean Kerry Shook.

Pastor Kerry: Thank you, thank you very much and welcome to Fellowship Love Connection. Let's go ahead and get started. We'll meet the contestants today. We have a couple from The Woodlands. He is a trial lawyer and she is a work at home mom of three. Meet Bill and Becky Matthews. Bill and Becky, come on out. Give them a warm welcome. Great to have you on Love Connection.

Bill: It's great to be here.

Pastor Kerry: Now, tell me Bill. How long have you two been married?

Bill: You know what? I've been married to this beautiful woman for 12 years, but it just seems like five.

Becky: Isn't he sweet?

Pastor Kerry: Yes, yes, he's sweet. Very sweet. Now, tell me Becky, what are the hobbies that you enjoy doing?

Becky: Well, I like aerobics and, of course, taking my kids to everything from ballet to soccer.

Pastor Kerry: What about you, Bill?

Bill: I'm into art.

Pastor Kerry: So, you mean like painting or...

Bill: No. A R T. A - the Astros. R - the Rockets and T - the Texans.

Pastor Kerry: Pretty good.

Becky: That' s my husband. He's a sportsaholic. But together we enjoy going to the movies and traveling.

Bill: And because we are here talking to you we like to come to church.
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