by Kerry Shook

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Control Freak (1 of 2)
Series: Pleasers, Perfectionists, Procrastinators And Other People Like Me
Pastor Kerry Shook

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Types of Control Freaks

• The Intimidator

• The Perfectionist

• The Worry Wart

• The Uber Planner

• The Anti-Planner

• The Master Manipulator

• The Micromaniac

• The Opinionator


(Laughter) What are these two things, a television remote control and a steering wheel have in common? They both give us a simple test to see whether or not you are a control freak. Let's start with the remote control test. When watching television with other people, do you demand to be in control of the remote control? If you answered yes, that means you're a guy! No, I'm just kidding about that, no! If you answered yes, then you're probably a control freak, but I have to admit that I'm really excited about the NFL season kicking off this weekend! (Applause) Yeah, football is back and I'm going to be like a lot of you guys sitting in my chair, my favorite chair, watching football, guarding the remote from getting into the wrong hands. You know what I mean. But let's be honest. Every one of us at times have tried to remotely control everything around us. We would love to have a remote control that we could just press a button and it would control our problems. We could just press a button and it would control other people in our lives because every one of us have some control issues. Well let's move to this steering wheel test. When you're in a car with other people, does it drive you crazy not to be driving? If you answered yes, you're probably a control freak. But there are times when every one of us want to sit in the driver's seat of life and grip the steering wheel too tightly. We want to steer problems out of our lives. We want to steer other people into doing exactly what we want them to do. We want to steer clear of pain and difficulties and take the easy road in life. Every one of us deals with the struggle of control. I'm starting a new series this weekend that's all about facing my flaws so I can take my relationships to a new level and we're going to start with something that we all deal with...control issues. Because the point is, you don't have to demand the remote control or the steering wheel to be a control freak. Now I think there's a little bit of control freak in every one of us and just in case you're thinking, "Kerry, I'm not a control freak. That's not my deal", then I've made a list of different types of control freaks and I'm sure you can find yourself within one of these. And that's what I want you to do as we look at these. I want you to identify one or two or three of these that fit you. Now I know you're going to be able to identify your friends. (Laughter)
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