by Kerry Shook

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Drop The Anchor (2 of 6)
Series: Pirates
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Acts 27:14,15 (NIV)

Without peace . . .

• I lose my strength

• I lose my way

• I lose my hope

• Acts 27:20 (NIV)

• Acts 27:29 (NIV)


Peace has played a very little role on the stage of human history. Of the 5,500 years of recorded history, only about 290 of them have known a time when there was no war, and peace in the present seems even more elusive. Whether it's in the powder keg of the Middle East or a sleepy college town of Blacksburg, Virginia, peace seems like an illusion today. And in a world filled with worry, peace of mind seems even harder to achieve. Oh, I know there are times when life is smooth sailing and you enjoy calm waters, but it doesn't take long for a typhoon of troubles to hit causing a storm of stress that steals away your peace of mind. That's why we're in a series that I'm calling Pirates - Reclaiming My Stolen Treasure; because God has given us so much treasure that money can't buy. But, there's a pirate called Satan who's always trying to steal that treasure away. And one of the greatest treasures God offers us is His peace, and Satan will do anything he can to steal our peace. You know the question that everyone's been asking this week is: Why? Why do bad things happen? Why doesn't God stop tragedies? And the Bible doesn't tell us all the answers to why. I mean, it does tell us that God is a good God; that God is a loving God; that God doesn't cause bad things to happen. And it does tell us that God has given human beings the powerful thing called free will. I mean, God could have created us as robots programmed to love Him, but love is not love unless you have the power not to love. So God has given human beings this powerful thing called choice, free will. We can make our own choices. We can even choose to reject God if we want to, and some people make selfish, evil choices and the consequences are devastating. So that's one of the reasons why. But that doesn't come close to answering all the whys that are involved. It's interesting to me that the Bible doesn't tell us why bad things happen. It doesn't give us all the answers as to why, but it does tell us how - how to have peace in the middle of a storm - how to have an anchor in an age of anxiety. And one of the greatest examples in scripture of peace in the storm is Paul. Paul is falsely accused. He's arrested. He's put on a ship that's going to Rome so he can stand trial before Caesar, and when they leave the water is calm and the skies are blue. It's a peaceful, sunny day. It looks like they'll be smooth sailing, but that peaceful day is quickly interrupted.

I want you to turn in your Bibles to our first passage in Acts 27:14,15. And, would stand in honor of God's Word?
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