by Kerry Shook

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Buried Treasure (3 of 6)
Series: Pirates
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• James 1:2-4 (NIV)

I find the treasure of joy ...

1. Buried Beneath My Circumstances

"... whenever you face trials of many kinds..."

• Sometimes God changes my circumstances


When those canons are fired I love to watch the people on the front row jump. It's awesome. The main theme that runs through all the fictional stories and movies about pirates is buried treasure. Whether it's Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island or Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, there is just something fascinating to us about pirates hiding priceless treasure and then leaving behind a map for future treasure seekers. The stories of buried treasure are definitely fascinating, but unfortunately they are just fiction. In fact, history records only one such treasure. It was pirate William Kidd, Captain Kidd. He buried his treasure in Long Island before he returned to New York. He was hoping that this hidden treasure could be used as a bargaining chip to avoid punishment. Well apparently it didn't work because Captain Kidd was hanged for piracy. Now the notion of buried treasure sounds romantic, but it's not realistic. It reminds me of the treasure of happiness in life. Living happily after sounds romantic, but it's not realistic. The word happiness and the word happenstance come from the same root. That's because happiness depends on what's happening around me, my circumstances. If my circumstances are perfect then I'm happy. But the problem is my circumstances are rarely perfect. That's because life is a series of problems and wherever you go there will always be problems because wherever you go there you are. It'll take you awhile, but you'll get it. The people sitting next to you get it. They got it. It's about you, not about them. I took my family to Disney World several years ago and you know the theme of Disney is the happiest place on earth. It was one of the busy times of the year and the weather was so hot, the lines were unbelievably long. A couple of my kids were sick. I love Disney, but during those few days I was thinking this doesn't feel like the happiest place on earth. It could be the most expensive place on earth. It doesn't matter where you are. You can be at the happiest place on earth, but your circumstances will never be perfect. So, how do I deal with that? How do I deal with the fact that my circumstances will never be perfect? Well, fortunately, the Bible speaks of buried treasure that goes beyond happiness. We are in this series called Pirates, Reclaiming My Stolen Treasure. Today we are going to learn how to discover a treasure that goes much deeper then superficial happiness. It's a treasure that God wants to bury deep in your heart.
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