by Kerry Shook

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Reactions Speak Louder Than Words (4 of 5)
Series: Passion - Restoring Your Passion For Life
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Luke 23:34 (NIV)

Four Ingredients for a Passionate L.I.F.E.

L ove
I ntegrity
F orgiveness
E nthusiasm

(How to R.E.A.C.T. Like Christ)

Remember How Much I've Been Forgiven

• Col. 3:13 (NLT)

• Isaiah 52:14 (NLT)

• Isaiah 53:10 (NIV)


I was talking to a businessman in our church the other day and he said, "Kerry, our team at work, I've been with them for years and we've never once mentioned spiritual things until last week we talked about Jesus for an hour and a half." Everybody is talking about Jesus because of this movie in some of the most unlikely places. In fact, over the last week I've had the opportunity to talk about Jesus in some really unlikely places. I got to talk about Jesus to The Houston Chronicle and then I got interviewed by People Magazine. Then I had a unique opportunity to be on a PBS show called "The Connection" where we had a dialog about Jesus. Then I got to be on Sunny 99.1's morning show talking about Jesus. But, the ultimate is I got to be on The Buzz, 94.5, the rock station talking about Jesus. After I did, one of the D.J.'s said, "Wow, we've never talked about religion before, ever, on our morning show. We try to stay away from that stuff, but that pastor was pretty cool." Then he wanted to talk about Free Beer Friday after I got through talking. I talked about Jesus then they went into Free Beer Friday on The Buzz because this movie is all the buzz. Some of you know that I got to be on Fox News Live, the number 1 business show on cable television that goes out around the country and I got to talk about Jesus on a business show on "Your World With Neil Cavuto." I was on with a Catholic Priest, who, by the way, said a lot of great things, did a great job and we edited it down a little bit so we can show it to you if you didn't get a chance to catch it this last week on Fox News Live.


Thank you. I just love the fact that this movie is giving us the opportunity to talk about Jesus in some really unlikely places. I'm amazed by that, but I'm really amazed at the reaction to the movie by the media. This is producing some really varied and strong reactions. Everything from Roper and Ebert's two enthusiastic thumbs up to Andy Rooney saying he'll never see the film because he doesn't want to waste nine bucks for a few laughs. This movie is providing some varied and really strong reactions, but that's the way it is with Jesus. That's the way it's always been. Jesus has always evoked some strong and varied reactions. You go back to the cast of characters at the crucifixion that we saw in the movie and in the gospels.
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