by Kenton Beshore

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Humble Servant - Way, Truth, Life (1 of 9)
Series: The Most of My Life
Kenton Beshore

Reverend: Five work series in the life of Jesus. One of our goals is that we would create a discussion in our community and in our lives about Jesus, that we would talk about him, we'd get people talking about him. It was fun last night and, you know, through this week, people were coming up, I loved talking about Jesus, I love in our small group, we're talking about it, got a friend that's never been to church, but's coming, you know, lots of fun stories about how people are coming from our neighborhood and in our communities just to talk about Jesus in small groups and at work and different places.

We looked at Jesus up close and personal. Last week we saw that he was the supernatural shepherd. Today we're going to see the most amazing character quality of Jesus. Next week we're going to talk about Jesus and money. I'd encourage you to come. It is - it'll be a great weekend. Then the last week will be Jesus, why is he the dividing line of history and why is he the diving line of humanity? So that's what we're looking at. And then in small groups we have a chance to complement that.

We're doing this with two goals. One is to create this discussion about Jesus so that you can see who Jesus is for yourself. Just reading the historical accounts, looking at the Bible, making some observations so that you can say, what do I believe about Jesus? And then secondly, so that you can decide for yourself what it is that you believe is the right response in your life for - to Jesus. And so those are our two goal.

So this morning we want to look at what is the most amazing character quality of Jesus. This summer a movie came out, Bruce Almighty, where Jim Carey got the opportunity, was given, you know, God like power because he was a little frustrated at the way God was doing his job. So, you know, and the question that the movie asks, which is, you know, you al ...

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